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We are a veterinary medical device company located in Bohemia, New York that has developed designs for implantable transcatheter interventional devices. The areas of application include cardiovascular, respiratory and urologic uses. The various devices were designed to treat common problems in veterinary medicine that are difficult to treat using currently available treatments. Conditions that we are targeting to be treated with our devices include degenerative mitral and tricuspid valve disease, congenital heart diseases, bronchial collapse, and urinary incontinence.

The Tucker Valve – A Cure for Canine Degenerative Valve Disease

Did you know thaDSC_11023t valvular heart disease in dogs (acquired and congenital) is a significant cause of morbidity and death? Approximately 7 million dogs in the United States are estimated to have cardiac disease; the majority of those cases are due to valvular disease. A significant portion of those animals have severe enough regurgitation to develop clinical signs and suffer chronic progression of the disease. As in humans with chronic valvular disease, despite years of clinical experience and clinical drug trials, there is no definitive medical treatment for the disease that will prevent the progression to congestive heart failure.

The development of successful interventional transcatheter or transapicalDSC_04782 therapies for the treatment of valvular diseases in dogs could dramatically improve the success rate for treating these animals.

Ultravet Medical devices has created The Tucker Valve to treat canine mitral/tricuspid degenerative valve disease.  Please take a look at the video below to see how our Tucker Valve works to significantly reduce mitral/tricuspid dysplasia in dogs.  The Tucker Valve is just one of the many medical devices we have developed.

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