DSC_11023We are a veterinary medical device company located in Bohemia, New York that has developed designs for implantable transcatheter interventional devices. The areas of application include cardiovascular (CoApt Valve & Tucker Valve), respiratory (Bronchial Stent) and urologic uses. The various devices were designed to treat common problems in veterinary medicine that are difficult to treat using currently available treatments. Conditions that we are targeting to be treated with our devices include degenerative mitral and tricuspid valve disease, congenital heart diseases, bronchial collapse, and urinary incontinence. 

The Ultravet Medical Devices, LLC, mission is to achieve world class leadership in the development of patented, trademarked medical devices unique in the veterinary medical profession.DSC_11502

Our devices are designed for non-invasive surgical procedures that replace open heart surgery and other difficult surgeries that are also very expensive in comparison.

Our ultimate goal for the first of our veterinary medical devices, The CoApt Valve, is to provide a solution to loving dog owners that can successfully treat dogs with severe degenerative valve disease and can result in significantly extending the dog’s life expectancy and quality of life.